Strategic Area One

The Seychelles Red Cross seeks to promote humanitarian values and principles within the National Society, and more generally, across the multi-cultural Seychellois community, with the particular aim of promoting respect for human dignity.
Inspired by the many socio-economic problems facing Seychelles today, the RCSS would like to make a difference by implementing programmes that focus on teaching important life skills, and promote inclusion, non-violence and peace. It also seeks to formalise partnerships with governmental, non-governmental, international and businesses with the objective of enlisting greater support for these programmes. This area of the strategic plan underpins all other strategic areas

Strategic Goal 1

Increase public awareness and support of the humanitarian principles governing the RCRC movement  and the actions of the RCSS.

Strategic Objectives

> Inform partners, communities & volunteers of the Red Cross principles & RCSS as an organisation whose mandate is promoting human dignity and assisting the vulnerable.

> Increase communication and networking at local, regional and international levels for improved interaction, education, advocacy and resource mobilization

> Review and disseminate national legislation, policies and guidelines  RCSS areas of focus