We want to be the leading voluntary aid society, provider and partner of disaster and community humanitarian services/assistance in Seychelles.

RCCS aims to empower its members, volunteers and the community to respond to disasters, community needs and reduce the volunerability of communities.  It seeks to provide humanitarian assistance whilst strictly upholding its fundamental principles & values.


Our Values

People: We build the capacities of people and communities to work in solidarity to find sustainable solutions for their most pressing needs and vulnerabilities.
Integrity: We work in accordance with our fundamental principles in a transparent and accountable manner.
Partnership: As a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement that is guided by its statures, we cooperate with governments, and with other organizations, in line with the fundamental principles, without compromising our emblems and the independence, impartiality and neutrality that they represent.
Diversity: We respect the diversity of the communities we work with and of our volunteers, members and staff, based on non-discrimination and our principles of impartiality, unity and universality.
Leadership: We show leadership and strive for excellence in our work, drawing attention to the rights, needs and vulnerabilities of communities and the factors that underline them.
Innovation: We draw inspiration from our shared history and tradition, but are equally committed to finding creative and sustainable solutions to problems that threatens human well – being and dignity in a changing world